The Club enters its 93rd recorded year with encouragement from its continuing successes last season, this success reflects the tradition of Crown Green bowling in our Club and village. Folk of all ages and both sexes are afforded the opportunity to engage in a sport and social activity for most of their lives. The Club has always provided for both first class competitive bowling in several leagues and also for social bowling, over the years alongside senior and junior County representatives, as many members have just enjoyed playing with friends socially. A truly family sport and a Club where grandparents, parents, husbands and wives, brothers, sisters and offspring and friends all continue to play together. Ironic that it was not until 1941 that ladies were first invited to become members of our Club that last season both teams did really well. Our ladies have always been stalwart supporters and captains and we feature two teams in the Ladies League.

We have a new President this year and welcome Elaine Philpott to this position and wish her all the best.

Sadly during the 2018 season we lost Peter Nichols who over the years devoted a lot of his time and effort to help our club. He helped hugely when the club needed grants to carry out improvement work and was involved with the new lease. He was a past President and over the years held most positions in the clubs committee's. Even during periods of ill health he still tried to continue with his bowling , both league and social. He will be sadly missed by everyone at the club.

We still try to encourage social and beginners bowling on Friday afternoons and the Clubs policy of reduced fees for both non members and social bowlers has proved successful.

Besides all this the Club, who were playing when the Plume of Feathers was still a Coach House on a different site, welcomes the current refurbishment and development and wishes the new landlords every success.

New members either experienced or novice bowlers are most welcome to join and spectators can enjoy sitting and watching matches perhaps supping a tincture, an ancient tradition the Club continues to provide in Barlaston. During the season we run two teams in several leagues which means generally three evening matches and three afternoon matches are on view each week. Enquiries can be made to Club Secretary Ron Kelsall on 07760243280 or email to