Happy New Year to everyone, we hope you are all safe and well.
Due to the latest covid restrictions we will not be holding an AGM meeting in January.
Between the President, Chairman, Secretary and treasurer we have put together the following proposals and welcome your comments with regards to the coming season.
All members who paid their membership fees for the 2020 season will have these carried forward to the coming season.
The membership fees will stay the same as last year, Full membership £40, social or new members £25.
All other fees to stay the same.
At this time we do not know what will be happening this season regarding league or social bowling. With the covid vaccine now being given out we are hopeful that we may get back to something like normal. With this in mind we need to plan ahead so that we are ready if and when the new season starts. We don't know what the leagues are planning except the the Stoke on Trent league who are planning to start on 21st April and have sent out their fixtures this week. We have heard that other leagues are looking at using the same fixtures as last season?
All officers and committee members from last season to carry on this year, If anyone does not want to do this please let us know, likewise if anyone wants to be considered for any position again let us know.

President                  Elaine Philpott
Vice President         Pat Simpson
Vice Chairman         Lynne Stones
Vice Treasurer          Pat Simpson
Chairman                  Elaine Philpott
Club Secretary         Ron Kelsall
Treasurer                 Jenny Shenton
Match Secretary     Idris Bryant
Auditor                     Lynne Stones

General Committee
Robert Watson Smith, Sue Mc Call, Simon Amos,

Green Committee 
Ron Kelsall, Idris Bryant, Paul Philpott, Janet Carnall, Brenda Hewitt, Derrick Lyth

Captains/Vice Captains                          Team Captain                         Vice Captain
Saturday Parks 1                                       Simon Amos                            Pat Simpson
Saturday Parks 2                                      Clive Evans                               Brenda Hewits
S – on – T                                                  Ron Kelsall                               Alan Wheatley
Newcastle Midweek                                Pat Simpson                            Tim Bailey
Oakhill A                                                    George Heath                          Jane Cooper
Oakhill B                                                   Jenny Shenton                          John Storer
Thursday Parks                                       Ron Kelsall                                Simon Amos
Staffs Ladies 1                                        Marj Archibald                          Elaine Phillpott
Staffs Ladies 2                                        Bernadette Evans                     Sue Mc Call
Industries League                                  Jane Cooper                             John Storer

We need to know if anyone is not thinking of bowling this season regardless of the vaccinations.
If all members can email us with their plans for this season so that if the leagues do start we know how many bowlers we might have.
If no league bowling goes ahead in 2021 we would charge members who decide to use the green the social membership fee of £25.
Again please let us know your comments and plans and we will keep every one informed of what is happening.
Stay safe.
Ron Kelsall
Eli Philpott
Jenny Shenton.
If you are in contact with anyone who is not on our email list or website can you please pass these details to them, also let us know so that we don’t have to send them a letter.